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WSU Choroegraphy Students Create Dances on Camera

January 16, 2013

The final assignment in Dance Professor and Dance Area Head Jeff Rebudal's Choreography III course in Fall 2012 was to create a
"Dance for the Camera". Previously, students in this course had been asked to incorporate projected media into live performance,and
this year Rebudal asked his students to delve into dance creations made solely for the screen.  Sean Hoskins, the Dance Media
and Production Coordinator, assisted students in introducing the Dance For the Camera genre and teaching video editing skills.
The results were quite successful! 

View some of the works here:

David Sherban and Ta'Rajee Omar

Lauren Smith, James Vessell, Angela Bray

Chris Braz and Michelle Brock

Amber Moore and Jessica Overton

Amber Golden and Tarra Green

The Dance Program in the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State continues
to teach students the skills necessary to remain current as the dance and technology fields continue to merge.
The Digital Dance Literacy curriculum is woven throughout the course sequences of the Bachelor of Science and
Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees offered, as students learn to create and edit digital music, design and manipulate
digital images, capture and edit video, create websites, and more. They use these skills to imagine new directions
for their compositions and careers, and they are able to market themselves as aspiring performers and creative artists.