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ON STAGE!  Dance Theatre for Youth

The Maggie Allesee Department of Dance and its WSU Dance CompanyONE are proud to present

To schedule your school's tour, contact 313-577-4273.

In it’s 56th year of providing high quality dance performance and education to schools and the community, ONSTAGE!  Takes to the road this season touring its brand new production of Rolling on The River – A Time to Dance, Celebrating 400 years of Social Dance in Detroit, featuring social dances that bridge the Minuet from early 17th century to the hip hop culture of today.  The tour will include video projections along with elaborate costumes as well as interactive elements to enhance the entertainment and educational value of the program.

This year’s production brings the rhythms and energy of dance right to your school and also presents dance performance in an educationally sound format tied to National Standards for Dance Education!

Through elements of time, space, design, and cultural awareness, students explore dance as primary mode of understanding and expression. Dance, unlike any other art form, brings together all the arts—music, theatre, visual art, and movement—to form a complete artistic and cultural statement.

Rolling on The River – A Time to Dance, Celebrating 400 years of Social Dance in Detroit, through its performance, teachers’ curriculum guide, and interaction with students, emphasizes:

• Enhanced cultural understanding and awareness through dance and its expressive qualities.
• Improved understanding of dance as a way to create and communicate meaning.
• Heightened sensitivity in identifying movement elements and skills in dance performance.
• Enhanced understanding of choreographic principles, processes, and structures.
• Expanded knowledge of multicultural influences on contemporary art and society in various cultures & historical periods.

Mission Statement:
The Wayne State University Dance CompanyONE connects with schools and the community through outreach programs including lecture demonstrations, master classes, and youth concerts for both public and private sectors, promoting dance education locally, nationally, and on a global level. As such, WSU Dance CompanyOne aligns its goals with dance education certification and produces the touring program, ONSTAGE! Dance Theatre for Youth.

Dance at Wayne State University is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance, and is a proud institutional member of the National Dance Education Organization and the American College Dance Festival Association